Quilt Preparation


I am currently offering computerized edge to edge quilting

Preparing Your Quilt Top

  • Press the quilt top so it is as wrinkle free as possible
  • Double check all seams are secure
  • Trim any loose or dangling threads
  • Backing fabric must be at least 8" longer and wider than each side of quilt top ( If quilt top is 92"x107" the backing fabric must be at least 100" x115") 
  • It is recommend to stay stitch the edges of your quilt to avoid any edge seams from coming open when quilt is loaded
  • Ensure quilt top and back are trimmed square with 90 degree corners 
  • Mark the top edge of the quilt with a safety pin; if there is a directional design please note the direction and include it by attaching it with the safety pin
  • If the backing fabric has a directional design please use a safety pin to mark the top edge and desired direction of the design

Shipping of Quilts

If you ship your quilt the cost of shipping to and from is your responsibility.  I will return it through USPS, using the lowest cost flat rate box available.  Shipping will originate from Las Vegas, Nevada 

Before sending your quilt please contact me so we can discuss your quilt top, quilting design and expectations. It is extremely important to me that you love the finished quilt. 

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