Quilting Design

Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to edge quilting designs are a beautiful companion to your pieced quilt top.  

More design inspiration

If you don't think one of the designs currently available fits your quilt top please feel free to check out the designs offered on the following websites.  The design patterned must be a digital pantograph edge to edge (E2E) design.  When you find a design you like make sure to jot down the name of the design so we can review it during your quilt design consultation. 




Feathers and More Feathers Quilt Design Selection

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge, feather, echo, E2E, pantograph, edge to edge

Design can be used as an edge to edge or a border trim. 

Design by Patricia Ritter


Feather, E2E, Pantograph, Ginger

Edge to edge feather design recommended to be sewn between 6-13' in size.

Design created by Patricia Ritter and Leisha Farnsworth


feather, swirl, E2E, pantograph

A feather and swirl combined to create a swooping all over design.  Recommended to be sewn at 5-9" in height. 

Design by Melonie Caldwell

Feather Meander

feather, meander, e2e

Multiple feather designs creating movement in all directions across any quilt top. 

Design created by Jessica Schick

Geometric Quilting Design Selection

Cool Beans

This is an amazing all over design at 12" tall it provides great edge to edge quilting coverage. 

Design created by Apricot Moon Desgins



This is a linear all over design providing straight lines and sharp corner graphics. 

Design created by Hermione Agee 

Orange Peel

Orange Peel

A classic piecing design turned into a fabulous edge to edge design. 

Design by Marci Gore, Lily Street Quilts

Simply Squared

Simply squared, E2E, Dawna Sanders, edge to edge, panto

Simply edge to edge squared design with both length and depth. 

Design by Dawna Sanders 

Celtic Cross

Celtic cross, E2E, Panto, edge to edge, Jessica Schick

DesignR created by Jessica Schick tic cross.  Recommended size is 4" repeat

Design created by Jessica Schick 

Knitterly 2

Knitterly, Panto, E2E

Edge to edge pattern recommended to be sewn at 8" creating an overlapping square zig zag vertically across the quilt top. 

Design created by Keryn Emmerson

Garden Inspiration Quilting Design Selection


Design is at 4" tall a beautiful edge to edge.

This digital design was created by  Patricia Ritter 


This design is recommended at 8-11" high and gives a beautiful and fun floral design. 

Design created by Hermoine Agee

Flutter Wings

Flutterwing, butterfly, E2E, edge to edge, pantograph

An edge to edge digital pantograph design recommended height of 9" to create beautiful movement across and down the quilt

Novelty Quilting Design Selection

Bam, Zap, Wham!

Super hero, comic, wham, bam, zap, E2E, pantograph,

A great comic design for any super hero themed quilt. Recommend a sewing height of 9-13". 

Design created by Melonie Caldwell

Hot Nights

Fire, E2E, pantograph, quilt design

An edge to edge design providing an overall firey design.

Design created by Apricot Moon designs

Blast Off

planets, ship, star, space, e2e

Rockets, stars, and planets create a wonderful novelty design to cover a quilt top. 

Design created by Lorien Quilting

Holiday Quilt Design Selection

Silver Bells

bells, ribbon, E2E, pantograph, edge to edge

Edge to edge overall holiday design recommended to be sewn at 6" height.

Design created by Patricia Ritter and Natalie Gorman

Let it Snow

Snow, swirl, pantograph, e2e, winter

A wonderful winter design for any holiday gift