Heidi Aker

Why do I quilt?

Quilting really was not something I had ever envisioned as a hobby and especially not a career.  It all began the year that I made king size double sided fleece blankets for Christmas gifts.  I wasn't a quilter, so I used a single seam and tied it with yarn to hold it all in place.   

Shortly after the holidays, I stumbled into a local quilt shop and the rest is history.  I had never seen such beautiful fabrics or imagined the amazing works of art that could be created as quilts, and as an added bonus the shop offered an assortment of classes for all experience levels.  A few classes in and I was hooked; if there was a quilt show I was there, if there was a trunk show/lecture/demo I was sure to be there.  I have spent the last five years learning every aspect of quilting I can and I love that the art of quilting is continually evolving and I will never know it all. 

How I came to be a Longarm Quilter

Jump forward about five years and I am an avid quilter still learning new and different ways to look at every quilt, I enjoy piecing together quilt tops and I absolutely love the creativity involved with quilting a completed top.   All of my quilts are meant to be used and loved so I welcome any imperfections that increase the character of my own quilts.   However,   after spending weeks quilting a king size wedding ring quilt on my domestic machine which resulted in several visits to a masseuse, it was time to upgrade to a professional long arm machine. 

I absolutely love being a Longarm Quilter

Dreams do come true !  Enhancing beautifully created quilt tops with thread is the perfect combination for my crafty out of the box personality, a fine arts degree that was thought to not have a practical use, and years of working with computerized programs.  Its like I worked for the last twenty years to gain all the skills and practice to be able to enjoy the precision of drawing with thread everyday.